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The Bike Share Museum is an enthusiast-run site. One enthusiast, to be precise. I receive no monetary compensation from the bike share companies featured on this site, unless specifically noted (so far, nothing has been "noted").

Everything to host this site, maintain the bikes, and store them comes out of my own pocket.

If you’d like to see more content like this, consider supporting the Museum with a donation (of any amount!) to help keep it going and expanding. Thanks!

Retired bikes

Do you want to donate a bicycle to the museum?

We’re open to bicycle donations directly from bike share companies and cities. We will also consider bicycles from individuals who can provide documentation from the bike's former operators that prove legal private ownership.*

If you do have something Please use this contact form and let us know.

*Just because it was unlocked and recovered from a hedge after five months does not mean it is yours to give. This is one of the many reasons we require documentation.