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The #SpinBikeProject: 600 bikes later

When I started the Bike Share Museum, all I planned to do was save a few bike share bikes for history’s sake.

Saved, not scrapped! The JUMP Five arrive.

The Next Web recently asked “Does the mobility industry have a soul?” Well, I’m very happy to report that it does.

Peaches & Cream becomes the eSpin!

It’s been a week of absolute doom and gloom with the JUMP e-bike debacle, so I thought it’s about time to liven up the mood.

JUMP Bike Models Demystified

*** This is our third post in a series about the JUMP scrapping scandal *** It seems as if there’s no stopping the story of the scrapped JUMP bikes.

20,000 JUMP bikes are dying.

UPDATE 7/17/20: 5,298 JUMP bikes are finding a new life, with 3,000 of them becoming part of a “Transportation Library” in New York, through Shared Mobility Inc.

Farewell(?) to the JUMP e-bike

*** NEW INFORMATION AND ARTICLE, 5/22: 20,000 JUMP bikes are going to die.

They cut the LimeBikes up.

Foreword and update: When this article was released, the only source we could reach out to was one local Lime employee who explained the scrapping operation in Miami.

Peaches & Cream: Hot Rod Spin

Extreme Makeover: Dockless Bicycle Edition.

Saving the Spins!

I wanted to save two… I wound up saving 80.

The Rebirth of a LimeBike

It was driven over by a truck, and left for dead.

An ofolly good cause!

I’m pleased to say another bicycle has joined the ranks of the Museum (no, not all of them).

Chillin’ Limes & Better Times

One of my favorite bike share memories was when I spotted these two LimeBikes in my neighborhood.

A closer look at Spin’s bicycle

No. 7723417 is one of the last Spin bicycles deployed in the Coral Gables area that I know of.

A Lime in need of love

The first-generation LimeBike is an interesting study and this one tugged at the heartstrings.