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They cut the LimeBikes up.

I’ve mentioned many times that it is virtually impossible to get a LimeBike – legally, of course – for preservation.

Dockless Seatpost Height Fix

Many retired dockless bikes equipped with “dropper” seatposts are now in private hands as daily commuters, but these seatposts are sometimes a bit short.

Peaches & Cream: Hot Rod Spin

Extreme Makeover: Dockless Bicycle Edition.

Saving the Spins!

I wanted to save two.

The Rebirth of a LimeBike

It was driven over by a truck, and left for dead.

How to fix an ofo dockless bicycle

You can throw away your conventional wrenches for this one.

An ofolly good cause!

I’m pleased to say another bicycle has joined the ranks of the Museum (no, not all of them).

Chillin’ Limes & Better Times

One of my favorite bike share memories was when I spotted these two LimeBikes in my neighborhood.

A closer look at Spin’s bicycle

No. 7723417 is one of the last Spin bicycles deployed in the Coral Gables area that I know of.

A Lime in need of love

The first-generation LimeBike is an interesting study and this one tugged at the heartstrings.