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Our Fleet

Boise GreenBike #001 “Marilyn Hemker”

2014 Social Bicycles 3.0 Phase I

This SoBi 3.0 is the very first Boise GreenBike to be numbered – BGB #001.

Topeka Metro Bike #097

2014 Social Bicycles 3.0 Phase I

This bright red SoBi 3.0 is one of the first from the original launch of the Topeka Metro Bikes system.

Breeze Bike Share #3800

2015 Social Bicycles 3.0

Thanks to the City of Santa Monica, this beautiful, bright green machine is the third SoBi 3.0 we’ve preserved.

Topeka Metro Bike #270

2017 Social Bicycles 4.5

Topeka Metro Bikes #270 is a Social Bicycles 4.5; the unpowered, pedal-only version of the JUMP 5.0.

JUMP #05296

2018 Social Bicycles 5.0

There is no commuter bicycle of this decade that makes as striking an impression as the Social Bicycles/JUMP 5.0.

JUMP #19602

2018 Social Bicycles 5.5

#19602 is the first of our four ex-demonstrator JUMP 5.5’s; used exclusively for presentations and special events.

JUMP #20520

2018 Social Bicycles 5.5

This is our third JUMP 5.5, and affectionately known as the “Fat Tire Flyer” of the bunch.

LimeBike #122-949

2018 Lime-B

Trying to legally acquire a LimeBike for the museum proved a nearly year-long task.

Social Bicycles #SB1107039

2011 Social Bicycles 1.0

This SoBi 1.0 is one of 60 produced, and the genesis for the entire SoBi legacy.

Spin #4858432

2017 Spin Chintone 1

While the sight of a first-gen Spin wouldn’t have raised a single eyebrow in Seattle, it did in Miami.

Spin #2333664

2017 Spin Chintone 2

Thanks to the kind team at Spin, this second-generation Spin was donated directly to the museum.

Spin #7723417 “Peaches and Cream”

2017 Spin Chintone 2

“Peaches and Cream” is our customized Gen 2 Spin with a 250W pedal assist conversion.

Spin #9602377

2017 Spin Chintone 3

No. 9602377 is the second of three Spins in preservation at the Bike Share Museum.

ofo #60025919

2017 Shanghai General (Kent)

Our bright yellow ofo (yes, all lowercase) is the very first member of the Bike Share Museum.

ofo #60322681

2017 Tianjin Fuji-Ta

The Museum’s second ofo hails from the former Dallas fleet; one of 350 donated to Bikes for Tykes of Texas.