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Our Fleet

2018 Social Bicycles (JUMP) 5.0

There is no commuter bicycle of this decade that makes as striking an impression as the Social Bicycles/JUMP 5.

2018 Lime-B Gen 2

Trying to legally acquire a LimeBike for the museum proved a nearly year-long task.

2017 Spin Gen 2 – #2333664

Thanks to the kind team at Spin, this second-generation Spin, along with a Spin Gen 3, were donated directly to the museum from their Miami fleet.

2017 Spin Gen 2 – “Peaches and Cream”

“Peaches and Cream” is our customized Gen 2 Spin, #7723417.

2017 Spin Gen 3

No. 9602377 is the second of two Spins donated directly to the museum from Spin.

2017 ofo | Tianjin Fuji-Ta

The Museum’s second ofo hails from the former Dallas fleet; one of the 350 donated to the Bikes for Tykes charity of Richmond Hills, Texas.

2017 ofo | Shanghai General (Kent)

Our bright yellow ofo (yes, all lowercase) is one of the surprisingly numerous survivors in the South Florida area and the very first member of the Bike Share Museum.