Bike Share Museum: Celebrating Docked & Dockless Bicycles
The JUMP 5.5

The most iconic e-bike in bikeshare - updated.

The ofo that started it all

The bike that gave birth to the Bike Share Museum

The SPIN generations

See pictures of our three preserved examples, right here at the Museum

The brilliant SoBi 3.0

A legend of bike share

The iconic SoBi 5.0

The one that started JUMP: Social Bicycles' retrofuturistic masterpiece

It started with an email.

A simple inquiry to SPIN led to 600 bikes saved.


The story of The Bike Share Museum's five preserved JUMP bikes.

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Welcome! The Bike Share Museum celebrates the pragmatic charm of purpose-built rental bicycles and documents the state of bike share in South Florida.

The Museum also aims to cultivate examples of retired bike share bicycles – the first-ever preservation attempt of its kind.

The Latest from the Concrete Jungle

Florida news outlets paid off to discredit Brightline?

Both railroads and those who ride bicycles are both inconvenienced by aggressive, distracted, and terrible drivers – plus, we’re both treated with bias from the media.

Gettin’ Social: Two 3.0’s join the Museum

Not one, but two iconic, loop-frame Social Bicycles 3.0s have joined our museum. Here’s the story.

The #SpinBikeProject: 600 bikes later

When I started the Bike Share Museum, all I planned to do was save a few bike share bikes for history’s sake…