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JUMP #20520

2018 Social Bicycles 5.5


Service Provider:
Roster #
Progear China Co. Ltd.
Dockless hybrid

Service Region:
Miami & Orlando Florida (Demonstrator only)
Years Active:
Acquired from:
Social Bicycles
Inducted to the Museum:
June 12th, 2020

Bicycle Bio

This is our third JUMP 5.5, and affectionately known as the “Fat Tire Flyer” of the bunch, as its the only one we have that rides on Schwalbe Marathon 26 x 2.0″ tires. The Marathons were the original standard-issue tire for the JUMP 5.0 and 5.5, but a temporary lack of availability of the Schwalbes during production resulted in the temporary substitution of Kenda 26 x 1.95″ “MOPED” rated tires.

This is what we at the Museum like to call the Safe Streets Summit bike, for it was the featured attraction presented at the JUMP counter during the 2019 tri-county conference by this name.

As the photo suggests, #20520 was exclusively an events bike and never actually deployed. It made the rounds in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida to promote the JUMP service and offerings to local governments, along with the OKAI ES200B JUMP scooters.

As with the other JUMPs from our Jump 5 donation, there’s a good possibility #20520 originated from the fleet of seven demo bikes originally brought to Orlando:


The Next Web recently asked “Does the mobility industry have a soul?” Well, I’m very happy to report that it does.

There seems to be some confusion over the various JUMP models, so let’s look at what sets each model series apart.

Our inbox exploded with stories from JUMP shift leads and head mechanics.

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