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Spin #7723417 “Peaches and Cream”

2017 Spin Chintone 2


Service Provider:
Roster #
Tianjin Chintone Bicycle Co., Ltd.

Service Region:
South Florida
Years Active:
2018 - May 2019
Acquired from:
Inducted to the Museum:
December 2019

Bicycle Bio

“Peaches and Cream” is our customized Chintone 2 (named after the manufacturer – Tianjin Chintone Bicycle Co., Ltd.), #7723417. This particular example has the distinction of being the bicycle that inspired us to reach out to Spin upon their retirement of dockless bikes for scooters, a story chronicled in our article A closer look at Spin’s bicycle.

Seven months after authoring that article, Peaches was found amongst the “Allapattah 80” – the first of 80 bicycles donated to the Museum from Spin’s primary warehouse.

Since then, Peaches has been modified into a three-speed commuter with a pneumatic tube and tire conversion, using cream 26×1-3/8″ tires off of my 1951 Raleigh. Other light modifications include orange Jagwire brake housings, replacement three-finger brake levers, and a bit of general TLC. A rear rack and seatpost clamp with rack adapter are on the wishlist for it.

Like most Chintone 2’s that have seen field work, Peaches has faded from the sun, a point we noted when we chose #2333664 for preservation. It shows when the two are parked side-by-side, but the lighter orange happens to work really well with the new tires.

I’ve written extensively about the build on our blog. Check it out.


When I started the Bike Share Museum, all I planned to do was save a few bike share bikes for history’s sake…

Ever since I rode my first JUMP 5.0, I’ve been eager to turn something into an e-assist pedelec.

This simple conversion will allow you to raise a factory gas-adjust post or replace it entirely.

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